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Bingo Games
Bingo has always been known as a friendly game. There is no cut-throat competition between the players who are always willing to help one another. Players are always friendly to one another and sit and talk during the game. Much of this is due to the fact that internet bingo is a game of chance and luck with no playing skill or strategy involved on the part of the player.
There is nothing that the player can do to affect the outcome of the number selection process. There is no pattern to the numbers and there is no method of predicting the numbers. All that the player can do is to mark the numbers that are selected and called by the bingo game caller. Thus, there is no reason for players to feel or act competitive with one another.
Much of the socialization aspects of bingo came from the church fundraiser days where bingo was part of the church social calendar and treated as a church social event. This carries over to the internet today where there is chat room play and many community features that aren't found on other gambling playing sites.
These are things like the photo gallery, email and message boards. Some UK casino sites have greeting card provisions on the site and some have recipe exchanges. Others have provisions for jokes, stories or articles. All of these community features are representations and manifestation of the friendliness of the game and how the members want to communicate with one another.
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