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April, 2009
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The Secret Language of Craps

Craps is a game that is all about energy. One of the things I love about this game is that when I play craps the table and everything around it is alive with excitement. It's an all around excellent bingo game. However, it can seem like you're listening to a foreign language when the people at the craps table are talking. Craps has a language all its own and while that language is necessary to play bingo if you don't know the lingo you may end up feeling quite out of the loop.

In order to help you get a good idea of the language that is commonly used at the table I have decided to devise a little cheat sheet for you. This article contains some of the most commonly used words and phrases along with their meanings. You can study up before going to play internet casino and it will ensure that you are comfortable during your time at the table.

I have decided to break these up into two categories to make things easier. The first category is betting terms and the second is general table terms. This should give you just about everything you need to know so you can play a good game. Betting Terms

3-Way Craps - A bet that is made in triple volume with one unit on 2, one on 3, and one on 12.

Aces – To bet that the next roll is going to equal 2.

Big 6 - This bet means that a six will be rolled before a seven will. The house edge on this bet is a hefty 9.1% and pays out 7 to 6.

Big 8 - This bet means that an eight will come out before a seven will. This bet also pays seven to six and has the same house edge at the Big 6.

Big Red - A bet placed on any seven

Boxcars - This refers to a bet placed on twelve

Don't pass bet - A bet based around the dice not passing. This can only be bet right before a "come out" roll.

Downtown Odds - This offers better odds through proposition bets. Generally, these bets are placed on 6 or 8.

Field bet - This bet means the better thinks the next roll will be either the numbers  2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or a 12. This bet offers equal money odds but in some casinos the 12 will get you 2 to 1.

Hard way - This is a bet for the numbers 4, 6, 8, or 10 but only if the dice are matching (two 3's to make a 6 roll)

Pass bet - This is a bet that means the better thinks the dice will pass. This bet occurs before the "come out" roll.

Press your bet - When you double your current bet after winning

Snake eyes - A bet that is placed on the number 2

General Table Speak

At Risk - This means your bet is active

Black - This is dealer speak for $100 because these chips are commonly black

Bones - Slang for dice

Boxman - This is the supervisor of the table. He commonly sits between the dealers and beside the stickman. He is responsible for the chips and you can consider him the house banker for the craps table you're at

Bump - This is what it's called when the dealer takes a 20 minute break due to table overcrowding where staff is concerned

Change Only - This is called when cash is thrown on the craps table to show a player needs chips 

Cocked Dice - These are dice that are leaning against the wall or something else such as chips. A call will be made by the stickman based on the lean of the dice.

Cold Table - A term for when shooters are not making any points.

Come out roll - This is the first roll of the dice in a betting round

Crapless Craps - This is a rarity. It's a table where the numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12 are the points.

Green - Slang for $25 chips as they are green in color

Jammer - This is a slow dealer that has the table cluttered by spilling the stacks or putting them in inconvenient spots to halt play.

Marker - These are the plastic pucks that look like hockey pucks. They are used to mark the points on the table.

Monster Roll - This is any hot roll that lasts longer than 20 minutes long and helps the players to win a good deal of money

No Bet - This is called when late bets are made due to the dice being rolled or in the air

No Roll - Announced when the dice fall short or slip out of the hand of the shooter

One on the Rail - Announced to the Boxman to inform him that a die has rolled from the table and has been place on the rail for inspection

Pit - This is the area surrounding the craps tables. You will often see floor men walking around the area to keep an eye on the game

Shooter - This is the person rolling the dice.

Stickman - This is the employee that calls the dice rolls and hands the dice to the shooter after each roll.

Sweat the Money - This is used by players and dealers when a table begins losing money to the players. It is said in reference to the floor men that are watching and likely getting nervous about it.

Table Sign - The sign on the side of the table which informs potential players of minimum and maximum bets

Toke - This is slang for tipping

Vig or Vigorish - These are the house commissions which are taken on bets.

Whip - Slang for the stick that is used by the stickman at the craps table.

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