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The Rise and Fall of the Binion Sister

The closing of Binion’s Horseshoe was one of those moments in casino gambling history which will always stand out in the minds and hearts of gamblers. It was a sad day for those of us who loved The Horseshoe as we knew it. And it must have been a really sad day for Jack Binion and some of the Binions who were left around to care. However, Jack wasn’t responsible because sister Becky rooted him out of the Las Vegas casino long ago. And it is doubtful if Becky Binion Behnen ever shouldered the blame.

Everyone in Las Vegas knew when Jack Binion left the steering wheel in the care of his sister; The Horseshoe didn’t stand a chance. The free bingo casino had been the legacy left to his children by Benny Binion yet son Ted met an untimely death and son Jack, with interests in the Midwest, didn’t continue to battle his sister for the control over Daddy’s pride and joy. However, when Jack left, the old blood in Las Vegas had very little confidence in Becky Binion Behnen and her husband, Nick. 

Once the Binion daughter of Benny Binion was placed in the position she wanted so desperately, the likely demise of Binion’s Horseshoe was put into motion like some sick and twisted road to an unwanted fate. The changes were almost immediate and one of the more noticeable changes was when Becky sold the one million dollar display that proudly stood as a landmark in downtown Las Vegas. The sale of this alone should’ve sent warning signs to all who cared or had a financial interest in the casino’s cage. There were many warning signs and yet no one bothered to step in. Most speculation is that Becky Binion Behnen married beneath her and then allowed her husband to pull the financial reins of the casino’s day to day operations. 

Nick Behnen has largely been blamed for Becky’s inability to hold onto a treasured legacy that her family was most notable for owning. After all, The Horseshoe certainly didn’t hold any meaning for Nick because the only connection this man had to the family vault was by marriage to Becky. Many bingo online casino employees felt that Nick Behnen controlled Becky’s every move and all decisions ultimately passed through him and he certainly had no idea how to run a casino.

When the casino closed its doors in January 2004 for the last day of operation under a Binion, a lot of speculation and criticism were openly thrown in the direction of Becky. And then there were a few supporters. However, before any could truly support Becky with claims of the deteriorating downtown area, there were several facts ever present.

Becky’s brother Jack Binion had succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams when he owned the casino and other downtown casinos and hotels were thriving on much of the business that the Behnen couple ran off. Downtown businesses were OK but The Horseshoe was failing and casino executives all over Las Vegas knew that it was only a matter of time.

Ultimately, there was no excuse for Becky Binion Behnen or why she couldn’t hold onto the casino so many cherished as a Binion property. Unfortunately her lack of business management, specifically casino management cost her the family prized possession. However, after putting a price on the million dollar display treasured so by her father immediately after gaining control over the casino, it’s doubtful if she even cares about the loss of the property. Maybe someday if Nick runs off to spend what was hidden of the Binion cash, she’ll open her eyes and realize what an embarrassment she was to the world of gaming. And maybe someday, The Horseshoe will be in the family again, with brother Jack in the driver’s seat.

Players are hopeful that someday the casino will return to the coveted Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. For now, it belongs to Harrah’s Entertainment and players know that change is inevitable.

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