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April, 2009
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The Phone Casino

One of the latest technological advances is the phone casino. Mobile casinos first began appearing about one year ago and are now becoming more common. This involves the use of the mobile phone used to gamble at online UK casinos. By dialing certain numbers on their cell phones in the United Kingdom, players can play poker, bingo and other casino games.  The Jackpot Factory Group is also offering this option to their customers.  It is called the Wild Jack Mobile Casino.  The Wild Jack is more limited than their online bingo options at their casinos offering several slot games, blackjack, roulette, video poker and scratchcard.  Payment methods are presently limited to FirePay and Debit/Credit cards. Interested players can email the casino to see if their cell is compatible and to sign-up.

There are quite a few other mobile casinos that offer various forms of gambling via mobile phone.  The best thing the interest customer can do is check out the available market, select a reputable entity and contact them.  Not all phones are compatible with all mobile casinos so this may be a factor in your selection. Or you may just want to buy a new phone that is compatible with the technology offered by the mobile casino and internet bingo you wish to join.  Your options are less limited with a mobile casino than they are with an online casino but they will probably expand as time goes on. If you are in the United States, you may run afoul of the wire law.

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