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January, 2009
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The Novelty of Video Slots

Video Slots are the most exciting things to hit the free UK casino industry in a long time. They are a relatively new invention. Williams Gaming, an Illinois-based gaming company began the craze for video slots in 1997 when it introduced the first video slots casino bingo game. It was called “Reel ‘Em In”. Around the same time, competing company IGT (International Game Technology) also created a line of spinning reel slot games such as the now familiar Double Diamond, Red, White and Blue and Triple Diamond video slot games. Now both companies offer scores of video slot and bonus video slot games to both offline and online casinos.

These cleverly designed and graphically pleasing video slot games now dominate the casino landscape. These machines are multi-everything – multi-line, multi-coin and multi-bonus.  They are also more interactive than the standard single reel slot machine of yester year and feature animations, digital displays and many other kinds of amusing bells and whistles. As an added attraction the land based video slot machines offer machines for every budget including ones that can be played with nickel, dime and quarters.  And if you run out of coins there is always the chance of extending your play by being offered an extra play bingo or two if you hit the right pay lines.

Of course one of the biggest attractions of a video slots machine is the hope of winning a much bigger jackpot than is offered in by a standard reel machine. Most casino video slot machines are equipped with bonus multiplier lines that bear the promise of paying out hundreds, even thousands of dollars even if you are only playing a machine that takes nickels! Furthermore these video slots are often sponsored by famous name brands including those belonging to giant gaming companies and Hollywood production companies. This has had the effect of personalizing the game playing experience.

However this novelty is also an expensive one. First of all the odds are not in favor of any player and there is absolutely no real strategy for playing these games. A random number generator runs them so a lot of what happens is purely dependent on luck or chance. Also video slots are profoundly more expensive then standard reel-based slots. The Largest payoffs and the richest bonus rounds come as a result of investing as many coins close to the max as you can afford. The standard amount is 90 coins. Couple this with the inflated house edge on nickel games that is sometimes as high as 10 percent, and you’re putting your gaming dollars at a greater risk when compared to quarter and dollar games.

The speed with which you play video slots games influences how much of an advantage you give the house. The faster you play, the more dollars and cents the house edge extracts. When playing video slots it is highly recommended that you take your time by letting the spinning windows stop on their own rather than using a button to stop them yourself.

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