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December, 2008
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The Nicest People in the World

People will sometimes ask me what kind of people I meet in UK casinos. Where the gamblers I meet are from, what they do for a living, how much they spend, have I met anyone famous or do I play with any professional gamblers are typical questions which I’m always delighted to hear. It’s an indicator to me that the growing fascination with casino gambling isn’t going anywhere and will certainly be around for awhile.

I’m often amazed at how people who don’t gamble perceive those of us who do. Whether you are a big online bingo player or you play nickels one nickel at a time, outsiders are curious about you because you are perceived as a gambler or casino patron. Depending on how often you go to a casino , how many ‘nickels’ you play , what games you play and how much you’ve lost or won may initiate further inquisitions about general player habits. And if you’re ever questioned, you may not care to share this with individuals. However, if you are having a losing year, you may be less likely to share any information. After all, free online bingo gamblers are notorious for remembering and talking about their wins. They are equally noted for forgetting and maintaining a stiff upper lip about their losses.

I’ve met people from all over the world thanks to my hobby as a recreational gambler. I’ve enjoyed perks that I probably would not have had the  opportunity to enjoy , visited places where I wouldn’t have normally visited and generally led a much more fulfilling life because of the gamblers I’ve met. To say if I have played with anyone famous would be a ‘no’ but I was in Tunica Mississippi once when Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake were at the Horseshoe and I played at a table next to Samuel Jackson at Hollywood.

The professional gambler question is where it gets tricky. Have I played with professional gamblers? Yes. Did I know it? Yes and no. Am I one? No. Is there really that much difference in the way professional and amateur or recreational players play? Absolutely .The questions are legitimate and people want to know. There are some professionals whom I have played craps or poker with and I know they’re professionals and yet it’s not really mentioned. I know by the way they play. Poker is a little trickier because everyone is a poker pro these days (of course) but overall I can still spot the true pros that are supplementing their income or earning their living from their poker winnings. Craps players, though few, I know right off the bat.

There are still some blackjack professional players but again, more who think they are than who could actually give up their day job and become one. Then, there are a growing number of baccarat players who supplement their income through their patient and articulate baccarat play. Sports bettors are still prominent in the professional arena category and these players play in Vegas, online and other areas of the world.

While the outside world is still very interested in the lives of the gamblers who are on the inside world of gaming, the inside world of gambling isn’t that much to be in awe over. The biggest difference is that gamblers are risk takers. They absolutely love taking risks. While taking risks, they may pick up a few extra dollars or a life changing amount of money in the casinos but one thing is for certain; they’ll be able to meet some of the nicest people in the world. And that’s what I love about gamblers, as a rule, they are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

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