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December, 2008
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The Legacy of Gambling Suzie Sinclair

I’ve inherited a lot of different things (primarily a house full of antiques) over my lifetime. And consider myself very fortunate. However, the greatest gift is one that I inherited from my father’s side of the family and it is the legacy of casino gambling. I know that sounds a bit contentious so let me explain.

Growing up in a family of gamblers certainly could have been more like the plague than a blessing and yet I feel very fortunate to have been raised in a home where we wrapped our weekends around football bingo games. Even though our parents both attended Church on Sundays with all of the children of the home, the afternoons were consumed with a flurry of football games and excitement. And if we were lucky enough to have everyone under one roof on Saturdays, college football games were equally exciting.

My dad’s side of the family, at the risk of sounding too cliché, always carried with them the luck of the Irish. My grandmother gambled and many cousins, aunts and uncles. It was in our blood. For years, my dad’s luck on ballgames seemed to be unstoppable, and of course one by one all five of his children followed in his footsteps toward the alluring world of bingo gambling. Many people have sneered at the way we all grew up sporting around in sports cars and seemingly, unaware of how good life really was at that time in our lives.

It seemed that we lived in something of a dream world now that I look back on it. The lifestyle we led wasn’t necessarily all because of big wins in sportsbetting, but also because of day trading (before there was even such a word) on cattle futures, wheat, pork bellies, and other commodities on the ‘Commodity Machine’. One of the older children always had to keep an eye on the markets when we were out on summer breaks because living on a cattle farm, there was always too much work outside for my dad’s eyes to be glued to a machine telling the tale of the day’s markets.

Overall, I suppose he has lost and made more money on sportsbetting and day trading commodities than most men I know combined and it certainly gave all of his children a love for the excitement. Ultimately, as each of us turned over the age of 21, we began to bet legally in the casinos of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the Bahamas, Mississippi and later Indiana. We’ve all found our niche and I guess you could say we still enjoy gambling as a family activity because anytime we get together the ballgames and betting are still rampant.

My belief in recreational gambling for extra income is well founded and grounded on the facts that we have all seen it and experienced it , but I know the secrets to being able to make an income from the games. It starts with self-discipline, a lot of patience and the ability to effectively manage your bankroll in any situation. Without these three components coupled with skill, luck and fate, you don’t stand a chance.

Many people will want to earn an income from gambling and I certainly understand this. I would be earning my income right now solely from gambling if I didn’t have children and a husband to consider or at least I would try it. However, only one of my siblings gambles for a living and does well in it, the rest of us gamble, as we would put it, for ‘extra things’ such as cars, jet skis and things we really don’t need. And we gamble with the money that we don’t have to have for necessities of life such as food and a roof over our head. So it really doesn’t matter to us if we win or lose but naturally, we prefer to win.

While I thank my lucky stars for my background, it’s a legacy that I cautiously pass on. Times have changed and gambling is too easy now. However, if I’m playing in a casino on a cruise ship or in a land based casino where my children can peek in on me, I see it in their eyes. There is no denying it because it’s in their blood and gambling will be their legacy too.

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