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December, 2008
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The History of Red Dog Poker

Like Blackjack, Red Dog Poker is thought to be a poker game that was brought into California casinos during the time of the Gold Rush. One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of playing Red Dog is that there is potential for a pot to grow very big and quite fast which was probably why gold prospectors were so attracted to it. Going to the local UK casino and playing a round of blackjack or red dog could make up for a bad day at gold prospecting.

Card games were discovered in the Old West shortly after the French Revolution in the nineteenth century. Prior to that almost all card play was found in the United Kingdom and France. The French actually invented cards but it was the Americans who added such details to cards as the beveled edges and patterned edges to prevent forms of cheating such as the marking of cards.

 Red Dog was also a favorite bingo game played by gangsters and hoodlums. By 1910 playing Red Dog was listed as a crime in Nevada because the game was very easy to cheat at. However when gambling was legalized in Nevada again in 1931 one of the first games to reappear was Red Dog. In Las Vegas, the game is still to this day called Casino Red Dog.  Nowadays however it is very hard to find Red Dog in a real casino as it is a bit of an antique game. It has much more popularity online where people treat it as a card game of luck.

The game Red Dog, just like other popular bingo games, goes by many names in both off and online casinos including Yablon, In-Between, Ace Deuce and Between the Sheets. These metaphors refer to the fact that the point spread is sandwiched between two cards.

Originally Red Dog was played with one deck, but statistically the edge for the player was too much for the casinos to bear. Now Red Dog is usually played with one to four decks in online casinos. There are also strict betting limits enforced on most games by online casinos so people don’t blow the rent or mortgage payment. Red Dog is easily one of the most addictive games in an online casino because the size of the pot is so large however it is also one of the riskiest games because there is no real strategy for winning it. Like all games of almost pure chance you should be especially careful with your bankroll when playing Red Dog.

Red Dog is a simple game and you don’t have to be a statistical genius to play it. There is no way of referring to a number of charts or lists of probabilities to figure out if you can win. The opportunities to wager also maximize the pot to very high levels. Unlike Blackjack, which relies heavily on the player's skills versus other players, it can a way to win at cards without having too put too much brain power into strategizing all of the time the time.

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