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December, 2008
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The Game of Roulette

The game of Roulette is one of the oldest best casino table games. It is an exciting game to play and is relatively simple for the beginner to learn. The players are betting on where they think (or hope) the ball will land in the Roulette wheel. The wooden wheel has thirty-seven slots (in the European version) and thirty-eight slots (in the American version). The zero slots are green, and numbers are either red or black. The online bingo UK player can place his bets on the colors, or a specific number or a combination of numbers and colors by placing his chips in the appropriate spot on the table layout. This is the grid-like section on the table next to the wheel.

A total of eight people can fit around and play bingo gambling casino game at one Roulette table. They place their bets during the betting period by placing whatever amount of chips they want to bet in the appropriate spots on the layout. The beginning and end of the betting period will be signaled by the croupier. When the croupier signals the end of the betting period, then no more bets can be placed.  He then spins the wheel and drops the ball. The ball and the wheel spin in opposite directions.  Everyone waits to see where the ball lands. When the ball lands the croupier announces the winning slot and pays the winners. After the chips are cleared from the table, the croupier will signal the beginning of another betting period.

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