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November, 2008
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Surrender in Blackjack
Insurance in Blackjack
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Surrender in Blackjack

Blackjack is a game in which the player is playing against the house, not against the other players like in other casino games such as Poker, Bingo, Slot Games, Roulette.  The object is to come as close to twenty-one points without going bust and to beat the dealer.  Suppose you are dealt a hand that totals sixteen points, a ten and a six.  The dealer has a picture card showing.  What do you do in this situation?  If you hit, you need a card of five or lower to keep from going bust.  If you stand, chances are the dealer will draw and beat you. If the house rules allow surrender, the player may do that.  In this case, half of his original bet is returned to him, and the house keeps the other half.  This is called Surrender.  Hands totaling fifteen and sixteen are hard to play.  The temptation is to surrender if the surrender option is available.

Whether or not a player wants to use the Surrender option is a matter of personal choice.  Most of the casino experts advise against it. Blackjack is already one of the games with the lowest house advantage, if the player plays according to strategy. They say the player should play the fifteen and sixteen and take their lumps.  Some say that using the surrender option properly, like on fifteen, sixteen and soft seventeen situations can lower the house advantage a little in the player’s favor. One wonders if it is worth it though. Surrender is a matter of personal choice for the player who does what he feels most comfortable with. 

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