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January, 2009
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Double Down in Blackjack
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Double Down in Blackjack

The object in grand casino blackjack is to score twenty-one or as close to twenty-one as possible without going over and with beating the dealer. This means the player has to be skilled enough to make certain decisions about different situation that arise during the course of the game. In most games of Blackjack, the player will make only one bet and this is the initial bet at the beginning of the game.  There are situations that arise that allow the player additional betting opportunities like in other casino games such as Poker, Bingo, Roulette, Slot Machine, Horse Racing etc.  If the player thinks he has a good hand, then the player can double down.  In this situation, the player can double the size of his initial bet.  He indicates this by sliding a second stack of chips, equal to the amount of the original bet behind his original stack.  The usual strategy for doubling is given below.

                                    Player’s Card           Dealer’s Card

                                                8                            5, 6

                                                9                       3,4,5,6

                                              10                      2 through 9

                                              11                      2 through 11

This is the strategy that gives the player the best odds of winning. There is no rule that says the player has to double down, but if he does, this is the best strategy.  He never double down when his hand his less than eight points.  He should always double down when his hand is eleven points.  He should double down if he has ten points and the dealer is has a two through nine. No strategy is foolproof in casino games , but following this strategy gives the player the best chance to win.

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