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January, 2009
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The Ritz Club London Online Casino

The Ritz Club London online casino has the feel and look of a non-virtual casino the moment you land on the website. The UK online casinos is one of the most respected internet casinos and actually reflects the Ritz Club in London in many ways. Classy and elegant, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

The Statement of Principals at this casino is laid beneath a menu tab called "Peace of Mind". After reading the statement, it is easy to see why it is properly labeled. The Ritz Club London online free casino holds a strong set of ethics and regards security as a very important issue. All transactions are bonded up to $100,000 should loss of funds occur due to insolvency or third party fraud. Of all the online bingo casinos, this is the most respectable feature that has been seen anywhere. The casino even displays their licensing information where it can easily be located and read. The whole feeling that this projects is one of trust and caring for the player's welfare. In the world of online gaming where it is so hard to trust, it is nice to find a casino online where one can feel secure and safe while playing.

The Ritz Club London requires a software download in order to make the casino games work properly. The software can be ordered on a CD ROM if you do not feel comfortable downloading online.

Sports betting is offered as well as the usual casino games that are found in any brick and mortar casino such as roulette, craps, and various bingo games of poker, slots, and more. None of these games are new; we've been playing them for decades in exactly the same way they are played online. There isn’t a ‘marked’ area for specific rules of each game, so you want to know the basic rules and strategies before you begin to wager your hard earned money.

One of the few things disgruntling about the Ritz Club free online casino is the fact that there are restricted territories, but upon arriving at the page which tells which territories these are, the text is too small to read and it can not be enlarged. Therefore, after visiting, you have no clue what these details are. The exact same thing is true of the payout percentage page. There is a button on the home page to take you to these pages, but you simply can't read a word of the text once you arrive. The other fact that was less than satisfactory is that there is no option to play for free to demo the games before playing. Many online UK casinos offer this option.

However, nothing is perfect in this imperfect world and overall; The Ritz Club London is a great online casino that offers better than average security, terms and conditions. Everyone should spend some time visiting this online casino.  You'll enjoy the overall look of this virtual gaming club and find the online casino games are very winnable!

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From: ccjoho1
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Posted at December 21, 2008 07:47 AM
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