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January, 2009
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The Rise Of Female Poker Players

The Game Of Poker

Poker is one of the most popular card bingo games in the category known as ‘vying games’.  Poker players conceal their cards either partially or completely and make wagers into a central ‘pot’. This pot is awarded either to the players having the best combination of cards or to the player making an uncalled bet. Alternatively, poker may also refer to video poker, a game played by a single player, which can be seen in many casinos, which is similar to a slot machine. Other games using poker hand rankings also come under this category.

Women And Poker

The rise of female players in the casino game of poker has shattered the age-old myth that associates gambling with male players only. It was a common belief that the inherent nature of women made them poor poker players, what with the basic view of a woman’s nature being weak, emotional and too vulnerable to get involved in gambling. These characteristics were supposed to affect the table image of the female players, which plays a key role in the game of poker and has a direct impact on the chips lost or won.

Women have not traditionally been gambling players, but since women have stepped into the arena of poker, they have displayed a great aptitude for the online bingo game. The legalization of the gambling industry has further increased the number of female poker players.

The Changed Scenario

The changed scenario of poker game tables can be explained in one single sentence that says, “Women enjoy gambling!”  This fact has managed to surprise a lot of people including some women themselves, by proving itself true with an increasing number of women playing and winning poker games. The rise of women in the game of poker is further associated with the growing economic and personal independence of women, letting them feel strong and free to take up the game with ease and confidence. Just as with men, women are rapidly making their presence felt and recognized even when it comes to winning tricky poker games. Women no longer accompany their male companions to the gambling centers and laze around or engage in idle chatter without participating. Instead, they have started participating actively and even winning difficult gambling games.

It is often assumed that women started off gambling with comparatively easier casino games such as slot machines, which did not essentially involve any specific skill or need for complex calculations. Nevertheless, the rise and spread of female gamblers in all gambling categories have changed assumptions.  Not only have women reached prestigious poker tournaments, but they have also earned big titles. Just as male poker professionals are famous in specific gambling games, female players have also gained fame and expertise in their areas.

Why Women Succeed

Research and studies conclude that gambling, unlike men, for women is much more than dropping coins in a slot machine or betting money on the game. Instead, women have more of a holistic approach to gambling. The difference can be explained if you ask the same question to a man and a woman about a trip to the casino. While the standard answers of men are found to be restricted to the amount of money they lost or won, including a little bit of description about the game of gambling, a woman will give you a detailed picture about the shows, environment, shopping and even the food and drink at the casino. All this will eventually be followed by the details of winning or losing the game, including the amount of money won or lost in every game.

There has been a significant growth in women taking up club and online poker, claiming that they enjoy the social interaction, especially while playing online poker games. This also helps them to take themselves away from the day-to-day mundane routine without the need of having to spend a huge amount of money for the experience. Additionally, the scope of online poker has allowed them to explore their skills, intuitions, wit and of course, luck, and try their hands at poker and gain expertise with time and experience. In the process, they might even earn a lot of money. A combination of all this reasons has led women to take up and even enjoy huge success in the gambling world.

Famous Female Poker Players

Some of the most famous female poker players who have left their mark in this male dominated game include Jennifer Harman Traniello, Lucy Rokach, Kathy Liebert, Cyndy Violette and Annie Duke, to name a few.  These players have won millions of dollars in the game of poker over their male competitors. While Kathy Liebert has earned around $2,953,466, Jennifer Harman has accumulated $1,532,075 through winning poker games. Annie Duke, Lucy Rokach and Cyndy Violette have records showing their earnings through poker games as $1,245,570 and $878, 409 and $856,173, respectively. Aside from these famous players, some of the other successful female players include Melissa Hayden, Joanne ‘JJ’ Liu, Nani Dollison, Mimi Tran and Barbara Enright.

Addiction Towards Gambling

The rise of female poker players can also be blamed on the addictive nature of gambling games. Aside from visiting real life casinos and online gambling centers, the Internet has made poker games popular amongst women. The sense of privacy associated with online gambling has equally contributed to their interest in the game. Online gambling has also become a significant source of entertainment for women who sit at home, without needing to spend a lot of money. Talking about addiction, the ever-escalating number of gambling centers and the massive amounts of prize money have further played an important role in attracting a large number of men and women towards poker and other gambling games. According to statistics, 60% of all online gambling players are women. Going by the trends of increasing Internet usage by women, the percentage is projected to go even higher. No matter what the statistics say, gone are those days when men claimed that gambling is a man’s world, be it online or offline.

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From: ccjoho1
female players are more than half of online casinos players
Posted at December 21, 2008 07:50 AM
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