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January, 2009
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The Player Games Craps Baccarat Poker

When you walk into a casino, do you play games of chance or games of skill? If you don’t know what the difference is, there’s a big difference and you need to first know what it is. Games of chance require absolutely no skill whatsoever. There is little that you can do, outside of simply choosing to play the games, to increase your overall chances of winning. However, bingo games of skill can give you , the player, a big advantage if you learn how to play them correctly and use betting strategies and other measures to insure that you walk away a winner some of the time (at worst ) and most of the time (at best).

Even though many people will argue this opinion (including the casinos) the best games for players are poker, craps, and baccarat. Each is considerably different but all three games offer huge UK online casinos player payoffs if you understand the games, know how to spot ‘runs’, and learn to manage your money to help you raise (while controlling) your profits.

Craps looks very complicated when you first walk up to the table and take a peek over the rail. The layout would intimidate even the most confident of gamblers if they have never played the game. While the game itself looks difficult, it is very easy to play and even though many books will teach you the basics; the best way to learn is to jump right in and play. You can play with the house, which is called playing the don’ts or betting the wrong way or you can bet with the shooter which is what most craps players do. You will also find that many players will ride out the hot rolls with the shooter and then they will switch to the don’ts when the table appears to be cold.  All of this is described to you in other articles and books, but it ranks high for being a player-friendly play bingo game which is beatable.

Baccarat, or the more common version, mini-baccarat; is played by many informed gamblers and is considered by some to be the only beatable game in the casino. If you have ever watched the game for a moment and then passed on by the table, you probably just did not realize how simple the game is to play. Players use sophisticated-looking charts to record each play. The charts show patterns and runs and hopefully, if players are paying close attention, then they can quickly jump on a run at just the right time and make a profit. However, as far as the play is concerned, the only decision you make is whether you want to bet the player or the banker or a tie. If you think this sounds too easy, then you’re right. It’s a very easy game where players can use skilled play through charting patterns to make a nice profit.

Poker has changed the world with the introduction of Texas Hold’em. Poker players have gained overnight stardom and online poker has taken flight. If you are anybody over the age of 21 and you haven’t tried poker, there’s a good chance you will. Seemingly, everyone plays poker. With so much competition, is there any way players can win? You’d better believe it! helps players choose a poker room based on the level of “loose competition” and whether you play online or off, you can always find low limit games where everyone is pretty much on the same level of experience. Poker is a good player’s game for a variety of reasons. However, the main reason it’s a player’s game is because players play against other players and not against the house. Sounds a little better already doesn’t it? And of course, the players who win are the players who have developed their skill in the game. Everyone has an equal opportunity.

When it’s time to choose a game which is right for you, choose to play in games where you stand a chance of winning. Play skill games where you can learn strategies in order to increase your overall chances of success. And whenever you see an opportunity, move in for the attack. Remember, you play to win and you want to always be prepared to win!

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From: ccjoho1
when i play in online casinos i prefer blackjack
Posted at December 21, 2008 07:49 AM
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