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November, 2008
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The Lights of Atlantic City at a Price You can Afford

When you think of Atlantic City what comes to your mind? If you’re like me you think of the boardwalk, the sand, and the casinos. If you’re looking for a little poker, some wild nights of casino online gambling or playing the slots, and a lavish hotel room than this gambling town is one that could almost rival Las Vegas…well, almost!

You might be thinking that Atlantic City is a great place to vacation if you could afford it and you doubt that you could. I bet you’re wrong! It’s all a matter of getting the right deals. If you are able to take the time and seek out a few bargains you’ll not only be able to have a great time but you’ll also be able to spend more money at the tables when you go.

The number one thing I can recommend to get discounts in Atlantic City is to use the Internet to your advantage. The best way to get a deal on a hotel room is through research. You need to know as much about the area of the city you want to stay in and the prices for the hotel rooms in that area. This knowledge will help you to get some good discounts.

Once you know all the hotels in the area you can check out their websites. This will allow you to easily eliminate the hotels you are not interested in staying at. If you like any of the hotels take note of their phone numbers and check the prices for the dates you are planning to be in the area. No matter what you see on their website you should end up calling them. This will allow you to bargain. No hotel is going to want to lose your business so if they can knock off a few dollars you can almost guarantee that they will.

If you have a internet bingo player’s card you should make sure to use it and if you don’t but can sign up for one than you should. These cards are excellent for getting you free or discounted hotel rooms, food, and entertainment. If you’re going to be gambling then it makes no sense for you to ignore this option. After all, using your card allows the casino you are at to thank you for your business.

You should attempt to plan a trip at least a month or two ahead of time if you are spending more than a weekend in Atlantic City. This will give you time to discount hunt. Using the Internet, you will be able to find special deals at the casinos and events that are occurring in the area at the time you will be there. For example, by checking the visitor’s bureau for Atlantic City you can find discounts and coupons to use all over town.

This will also give you a chance to learn more about when the right time to plan a trip will be. The summer months are usually good for deals when visiting a casino town. The same can be said for the weeks surrounding Christmas because most people choose not to free online bingo gamble at that point. Most importantly, you can find the times to avoid. Any conventions in town will be the kiss of death for a vacationer. You can expect prices to hike up unreasonably high so you’ll want to miss those times and visit when the prices are right.

Save yourself tons of money by planning your trip responsibly. Bargain with the hotels most of all because if you want a good price you’re going to have to. Think of it this way, if you don’t ask them you’ll never know if you could have received a deal and if you manage to get what you’re looking for that will be money you could spend on entertainment, gourmet food, and slot machines!

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