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January, 2009
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Importance of Joining the Player Club

In the years that I have been an avid gambler I have talked to many people about UK casinos and gambling issues. Comps and how they work is something that comes up the most. In the, past when I have mentioned the player’s club being the main way for a player to get comps people seem confused on the process of becoming a member.

Looking back, that’s understandable, because I had no clue how the process worked when I first started playing. However, I guarantee it's easier than you think. As I was considering topics to write on this was one of the first I chose because I want to make sure you are making yourself eligible for these special offerings. Once you see how easy it is to get comps you'll be glad that you read this and followed these simple directions.

Remember comps are given to players that go after them. They will save you plenty of money and make your experience an enjoyable one. You can earn things as simple as free food or more expensive items such as a hotel room. Some casinos will even offer cash back incentives. The reason it becomes necessary to sign up for the player's club is because this is how the online bingo casino will track your play to see if you have played enough to earn specific comps.

In my experience, when you first enter any casino you should be able to easily find the player's club area. It is generally up front around where you first enter though if you cannot find it a passing employee should have no problem directing you to where you need to go. You should see some applications for the player's club when you enter the area. You will want to fill out the entire application first and then get into line to apply for your card. You will need a piece of identification with a photograph but since most casinos make this mandatory to get in anyhow this should not be a problem.

Once you reach the line the attendant working in the UK bingo player's club area will take your application, look it over, and issue you a card. As a new player's club member you may be eligible to receive special promotions and discounts but you will need to check with the attendant when you receive your card for full information on this. It varies from casino to casino but in the end it never hurts to ask.

Now that you have your card remember that you should never play a casino game without it. It doesn't matter if you're playing craps or the penny slot machines your play can still be rated which means you will still be eligible and working towards a number of different comps. If you don't use your card you are just ensuring that you will lose special offers that could have saved you plenty of money.

If you are playing on the slot machine you can easily feed your card into the machine so your play can be monitored. As soon as you are done playing the slots, always remember to take your card out so you don't lose it and you can use it on the next machine. If you are playing the tables the pit boss will be the one that needs to rate your play.

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