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December, 2008
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Casino Gambling Books Every Gambler Needs

There are so many books out on casino gambling that it is hard to choose which title to read and which ones to ignore. However, the following choices are five choices that every UK casino gambler needs to read right before their next casino destination vacation.

The first book is my all time favorite because it helped me learn so much about all aspects of complimentaries and casino gambling. The Frugal Gambler by Jean Scott will certainly enlighten the most uptight readers who tend to worry over the simple things in life—mainly comps. Jean teaches her readers how to get the most from their casino bingo online gambling vacation no matter where the vacation takes them.

Max Rubin’s book for comps is Comp City and it is pretty darn close to beating Jean’s book, but not quite. He is a fabulous writer who provides a wealth of information and wit to the avid gambler who looks for the best free bingo gambling value. Rubin is the king on several of the topics he covers so take his advice on topics he covers and see if his advice improves your bottom dollars in comps!

Ken Uston’s book Ken Uston on Blackjack. You haven’t read a book on blackjack until you have read one of Ken Uston’s books on the subject. He was most certainly the gambling authority on the subject and he knew how to keep the attention of all of his readers. The man’s ego was larger than Las Vegas itself but wow! He knew his game and even though he will be remembered for many unscrupulous endeavors, never forget who he was. He was the King of Blackjack and he ultimately ruined card counting forever but his stories may take away the pain as you read Uston’s books especially, Ken Uston on Blackjack. It’s a good read.

Million Dollar Video Poker by Bob Dancer is by far the only video poker book you will ever need. Dancer knows video poker better than anyone and he shares his secrets with you. If you will put what you learn to good study, you’ll hit the royal flush several times and everything else that pays well too no matter which game you choose!

Frank Scoblete. No titles here because I honestly believe he is by far the gambling authority and that you should read everything the man puts out on the shelves. Yes, I know the title of the article states clearly five books but I changed my mind at the last minute because if I left the list at five, in all fairness, Frank’s books would be in all five slots so you would’ve missed the other four recommendations! Where to start? I don’t know just go with where your interests are. Beat the Craps out of the Casinos, Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution, Break the One Armed Bandits, Sharpshooter Craps and so many other titles adorn the book shelves. Grab one and collect them all!

There you are! The best reads in casino gambling. Make sure you read them all because there’s a wealth of information hidden in these books for anyone who is really ready to become a student of the games of gambling!

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